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Keeping home bound pets happy & healthy

As humans and pet guardians, we have the luxury of being able to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Our pets do not always have the same freedom and rely on us to keep them active. However, as many individuals are now adapting a work from home lifestyle, we have an increased responsibility and an opportunity to ensure that our homebound pets remain happy and healthy. Here are some tips to keep your pets happy and healthy inside the house.  


Not only is hygiene important for our own health and happiness, it is equally as important for our pets. Keeping trash and dirty dishes to a minimum prevents your furry friends from accessing spoiled or rotten items that could cause them potential issues. Eliminating clutter around well-traveled areas can keep mold and other allergens from growing and affecting pets who are allergy sensitive.  A healthy pet is a happy pet!  


Games provide mental and physical stimulation for your pets. There are many available options for pet parents to help keep their pets active and engaged while in the home.  

For cats string toys give them the ability to play and utilize their predatory instincts, allowing them the ability to stalk and pounce as if the toy were actual prey. Scratching is instinctual for cats. Though it might not be a “game”, scratching posts provide a great release for your cats. The action of scratching helps them remove old material from their claws. Cats also have scent glands in their paws that they use to mark their territory.  

There are so many different options when it comes to playing games with your dog. It all depends on the home environment and how physically active your dog may be. Physical games like tug of war or fetch with a smaller dog in a more confined location are always a great option. Mental puzzles, such as a ball or toy filled with treats that a dog will have to manipulate to be rewarded will also keep your pooch occupied. 



It may go without saying, but there is an undeniable bond between pets and their guardians. Just as bonds between humans are strengthened through love and compassion, so is the bond between you and your pet. Taking a few minutes from every hour to recognize your pet and giving them the confirmation that you love them triggers oxytocin to reduce stress and releases dopamine to increase mood and boost long-term memory. It’s science! 


Diet plays one of the most important roles in keeping your pet healthy and is one of the roles you have the most control over. Making sure your pet receives a biologically appropriate diet and making sure not to overfeed is key for maintaining their health. Limiting the ingredients that a carnivore requires (no unnecessary carbohydrates, or starches) can help keep their immune system running smooth and limit any possible allergic reactions. Foods like ZIWI Peak provide high protein content that dogs and cats need and love, while limiting ingredients they don’t. If you are interested in feeding your pet ZIWI Peak or already are and want to make sure you are feeding the right amount, you can find our feeding calculator here

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