INTRODUCING THE NEW PROVENANCE SERIES from Ziwi. Celebrating of the rich culture and beautiful landscape of New Zealand, Ziwi Peak's Provenance series features three new

air-dried and wet recipes for both cats and dogs.  


5 Meats & Fish

The Provenance series is a ready-serve raw alternative. The best of raw, with the convenience of dry foods.  Just like our current recipes, the new Provenance Series PeakPreyTM recipes are crafted with high inclusions of meat, seafood, organs and bone to match the biological needs of dogs & cats.

Loaded with nutrient rich superfoods, they feature New Zealand’s best ingredients and are gently prepared to deliver peak nutrition.

Z-BoostTM is a nutritional boost of 10% superfood inclusions of green tripe (or poultry heart),
green mussels 
and organic kelp.

These delicious blends of meats and wild-caught fish can be served as a topper or a complete meal. 

3 New Recipes

Hauraki Plains

Named in Maori for it's gentle winds, the fertile farmlands of the Hauraki Plains are the inspiration and the ingredient source for ZIWI Peak's Hauraki Plains Provenance recipe.

The Hauraki Plains recipe includes 5 Poultry and Fish, including chicken, whole Kahawai, duck, turkey and fresh eggs.

East Cape

The first place on earth to see the sunrise. New Zealand's spectacular East Cape is the inspiration behind ZIWI Peak's East Cape Provenance recipe. Featuring free-range mutton, and goat, combined with a blend of wild caught fish from Cape Reinga - whole Kahawai, whole white Trevally and whole Mackerel. 

Otago Valley

From ancient mountains to alpine valleys, this diverse region is the inspiration behind ZIWI Peak's Otago Valley Provenance recipe. Featuring beef, venison and lamb - all free-range and grass-fed on Otago's native grasses - and wild-caught fish from the South Island's subantartic waters (Southern Blue Whiting & Hoki).

Provenance Ultimate Wet Food


               A complete and balanced food with unmatched inclusions of 97% meat, seafood and organs,
               featuring lamb plasma or fresh & dried eggs as a natural binder. It also contains

               NO chickpeas, potato, legumes, starches or artificial binders.


Air Dried - Cat                             



Air Dried - Dog





Canned - Cat                             



Canned - Dog



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