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97% Whole Kahawai, Fish Broth & NZ Mussels:

Rich in protein and moisture rich, designed to match the biological needs of cats.

Single Protein (seafood only):

Perfect for cats with food sensitivities.

No Grain, Potato, Legumes, Tapioca Starch:

Free from unwanted carbohydrates, including high glycaemic carbohydrates, that are

inappropriate for carnivores.

Ethically & Sustainably sourced:

From the world’s top ranked fisheries.

Whole New Zealand Green Mussels & Organic Kelp:

Nature’s powerhouse source of vitamins and minerals.

No Unwanted Binders:

Free from gums, agar agar, carrageenan.

Perfect for food sensitive or selective cats, our Kahawai Recipe (pronounced: ka-ha-why) is pure and delicious.

Brimming with nutrition, Kahawai’s rich coloured flesh is bursting with lean protein, omega-3 and vitamin A, D & B vitamins.

Crafted with nutrient-rich New Zealand green mussels, and topped with nourishing broth, this delicious wet recipe is pure goodness, and nothing more. Made without high glycaemic carbohydrates, like potato, grain and tapioca starch, and free from legumes and artificial binders.

Made for peak nutrition, our Kahawai recipe is a perfect choice for cats of all life stages.

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